Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and pretty much everyone has a reason to be excited. Even if you didn't know that the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the San Francisco 49ers in Florida, you can still be excited. You can have joy because the big game means time with friends, loads of food, and you can count on some weird commercials. How many of these commercials do you remember from last year? Maybe you'll watch to see the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira half-time show? Or, do you hate football but you love not being home or you have a fear of missing out (FOMO) on something exciting that may happen? You can be excited about the game too. If you aren't watching the game or going to a party you can still be excited, because Sunday is also Groundhogs Day. So, pretty exciting times.

There are a number of reasons you may be going to a Super Bowl party this weekend. Personally, I fit into the 'hanging out with friends and eating food' category. I don't have a team in this fight, though I did live in Kansas City for a few years and my wife is from Kansas so we might be by default cheering for the Chiefs. I've learned from previous parties that I will never host a Super Bowl party. Too much stress. You need the perfect TV, seating, food, and room for people to just hang out and talk. Then you have to clean afterwards and that's my deal-breaker.

Another reason you could be excited about the game is the possibility of free food if it goes into overtime.

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