So we have some good news and some bad news, the bad news is this adorable puppy that has been lovingly named Jingle by the staff that is helping him was left in a dumpster in Albion. The good news is, he was found and is hoping to get the medical care he needs.

Jingle has a birth defect that basically prevents him from urinating. There is no hole in his prepuce so he is actually urinating inside himself. He is going to need some surgery and a lot of love but he can definitely make it just fine!

PAWS Rescue Inc is helping raise money for the pup that will have surgery at Green Acres Pet Center in Twin Falls. They have lots of ways you can donate and they have more information about Jingle.

If he just gets some love and help I have no doubt he could be a great dog. Just look at that adorable face! It's lovable right there.

The total amount of money they are looking for is about $550 that will cover the surgery, pain meds, anesthesia and pretty much everything that he needs to make a full recovery including follow up visits. I am not sure if and when he will be available for adoption but right now we might be able to get him the Christmas miracle he needs to have a happy life.

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