The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions seem like a distant memory to me most days. Many of us have moved on with regular life or never really made any changes during the shutdowns. Idaho was a lot different back in 2020 than the rest of the nation. But you already knew that, you smarty pants, but do you know how to be a real Idahoan?

How Well Do You Know Idaho

I've lived here for more than a decade and I feel like I still sometimes giveaway that I'm not from here by things I do or say. I did grow up in Salt Lake City so a lot of my words and pronunciations are regional and work with Idaho conversations. My big flaw is probably that since I didn't grow up here or do my schooling here, I don't know much about Idaho's history and geography.

Idaho Is More Than Potatoes and I-15 Southbound

In fact, all I thought I knew about Idaho before moving here was there are potatoes and I-15 southbound is how you get out of the state. So, what advice would you give to someone coming for a visit or relocation - other than to stay away?

At Conde Nast Traveler they put together a video full of advice for fitting in like a local in any state. For Idaho we only get a quick moment, because we are so easy to get along with it doesn't take much to feel welcome here. The local advice given was simply 'and Wrangler jeans.' Yep, that's it. No mention or jokes about potatoes

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

New Nicknames For 11 Southern Idaho Cities

We chose 11 Southern Idaho cities and gave them new, better, slogans: not including Southern Idaho which we will from now on just call 'Better Idaho'.

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