The Red Lobster restaurant chain has been struggling for quite a while now and the struggle to find one close to home just got more difficult.

Red Lobster considered filing for bankruptcy in April which would have allowed the company to end some contracts and renegotiate property leases. But the filing never happened. Instead, the chain has abruptly closed dozens of locations in the US. At least 5 of them are in California.

Red Lobster Is Closing Dozens of Locations Nationwide, Here Are the 5 CA Locations

There are now only 32 Red Lobster locations listed as open on the company website, with 2 others listed as temporarily closed.

Popular Red Lobster Chain Restaurant Has Closed These CA Locations

At least 5 Red Lobster locations in California have abruptly closed, while 3 others may only be temporary closures..

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The abruptness of the recent Red Lobster restaurant closures has made keeping track of which locations difficult. Some sources say 50 locations have closed and others say the number is closer to 100. One source says 8 California restaurants have closed as of yesterday and other sites say the actual number is only 5. While there is confusion about how many locations and where, all sources agree that 5 locations, which are also listed in an online auction that will end Thursday, are closed.

Of the 5 listed above, the Sacramento location at 1400 Howe is still listed on the Red Lobster map site, and tagged as temporarily closed. The other 3 that are listed as closed may not have been part of the recent abrupt closures or may only be temporarily closed.

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According to the Sacramento Bee and compared with the Red Lobster website, locations at 2010 Business Lane in Chico and 9345 Monte Vista in Montclair are gone from the site, but 39401 Fremont Blvd. in Fremont is listed as temporarily closed.

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