Today is Red Nose Day and you may not know it. You may not even know what Red Nose Day is. Since the event started in 2015, I've heard more talk about the day which means it's growing. That's really good news because Red Nose Day is a way to help end child poverty through fundraising and comedy. Just look at how silly we look in the picture above. That silly picture is helping kids living in poverty.

Money raised through Red Nose Day helps fund programs keeping children safe, educated, and healthy. People everywhere can participate by buying a red nose (they come with special faces on them now too), hosting a fundraising event, or donate on the Red Nose Day website. There is also a special comedy night show happening on NBC tonight.

The new noses with faces are called the everyday hero noses and have names and represent different aspects of the Red Nose Day program. Original Red, Rusty, Rojo, Scarlet, and Ruby can be bought at Walgreens.

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