Sure this weekend we got some snow, it appears winter finally found Idaho. And for those of us (me included) who may be complaining just a tad about the weather, remember the crazy flooding we had hit the Magic Valley last year and the year before?

We got so much snow in 2016 that it made the beginning of 2017 particularly rough. And this time last year, there was another bout of flooding. All that snow has to go somewhere right? Do you remember the videos all over Facebook that showed the insane flooding that was all across the highways and valley?

Can't say that we miss this particular weather. There were so many people after "Snow-magedon" that had issues with flooding of their homes and the road ways. There were several states of emergency. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared this video two years ago too.

So sure we got a little snow, but we are definitely not going to have to deal with all the crazy flooding from two years ago that caused major damage to people all across the Magic Valley.

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