I'm not made out of money, but every year my family gets to pick a local amusement park to visit during the summer. And up until last year they chose Lagoon every single time. So, up until last year I had never been to Roaring Springs and I was actually OK with that. I do like being lazy on a beach in California but lazy on a chair by water in Idaho didn't seem as great as California beaches or roller coasters at Lagoon. Yeah, I was wrong. Roaring Springs is awesome. We went towards the end of the 2019 season so it wasn't crowded and the weather was still nice. We were planning on going again this year but the coronavirus has been putting a damper on making future plans. Boise recently announced that all their public pools will remain closed for 2020. We just found out today that this news does not apply to Roaring Springs.

The water park announced on their website that they had been given the OK to work towards opening for their 2020 season. Roaring Springs uses a different type of filtration (ultraviolet light filtration) to clean their water than regular swimming pools use. Roaring Springs also has a brand new slide opening up this year. The Snake River Run is a million dollar ride which includes two saucers, corkscrew pipes, and red and yellow tunnels of fun. You can see pictures of the construction and final project on Facebook.

Last year Roaring Springs celebrated their 20th anniversary. This year along with the opening of Snake River Run, they are offering a peace of mind policy for their season pass holders who may choose to skip the water park this year due to COVID-19 fears. The water park plans to make an official announcement on opening dates in mid-May.

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