I don't believe in Bigfoot. That doesn't mean he doesn't exist or that there isn't some super secret group of these giant hairy Sasquatch beings somewhere. I just can't get behind the fact that we have so much technology that can capture the movements, in high definition, of anything that moves. Yet, all we have for Bigfoot sightings are blurry photos and videos. If I can get a good picture of any of my kids, since they never stop moving, we should have some glamour shot looking pictures of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

Technology aside, there are still people who truly believe that out there in the woods somewhere there is a monster, and he's super camera shy. Technology also doesn't stop people from hearing sounds or seeing a movement outdoors and claiming it to be the Sasquatch. In February of this year there was a claimed sighting up near Boise and back in 2017 there was pretty good drone footage of a Bigfoot sighting in Bayview, Idaho. A family out hunting in Canada recently caught a video of some creepy howling sounds coming from the woods. Some Bigfoot believers claim this is the sound of Sasquatch.

Scientists have a more non-mythical explanation according to an article on Brobible. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Ontario says that the sounds could actually be from another mammal, like a wolf, but the sound is from too far away to be sure.

There is no shortage of Bigfoot sightings if you are interested and we even have a list of the starter essentials you'll need for hunting him. Twitter seems to have Bigfoot sighting updates posted daily. Some seem to actually believe they have seen something and others clearly know it is just a joke.

Speaking of jokes. I know Harry and the Hendersons was a great Bigfoot movie from back in the day but I had no idea that Sasquatch was such a party animal as seen in the never-seen-before movie Bigfoot's Wild Weekend. Apparently that one is a terrible and not family-friendly movie.