I am legitimately sad right now. The Twin Falls Corn Maze over by Sprouts on Pole Line Road will not be happening this year. My heart may be broken into a million pieces right now.

When we came across this on Facebook, every single person in this office let out a sigh or squeal of disappointment. The people who run the maze said that due to circumstances out of their control they would not be able to do the maze this year.

Now, I am not sure what circumstances would lead the land to not be able to be used for the maze and why they did not find out until so late in the summer. I don't even want to speculate because I am just way too sad.

This is the corn maze that every year also has the apple cannons, the hay bales you can climb all over and slide down these makeshift slides that kind of hurt on warm dry days. It is also a lot of fun at night when they make it turn haunted.

I took my sister and her kids to it last year and we had such a great time. Every year they do a different design in the corn and there are games you can play while traveling through the four mazes they offer. My sister's kids loved trying to find all the monsters in one of the mazes.

They did say they are hopeful to be able to reconvene in the future at a new location. Again, not really sure why they would have to change locations, I am just sad about it.

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