TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Multiple highways in four Magic Valley counties will get new sealcoats to preserve the pavement. The Idaho Transportation Department said sealcoating started Monday and will last through July on about 80 miles of highway in Gooding, Lincoln, Jerome and Twin Falls counties. Sealcoating involves hot oil and rock chips applied to the existing pavement and is typically done during the warmer summer months to help with the application. The state highways scheduled to get a seal coat are: 24 (milepost 32-68), 25 (milepost 5-18), 46 (milepost 111-130), 50 (milepost 5-8), and U.S. Highway 26 (milepost 139-150). During road work crews will shut down a single of traffic creating some delays for drivers, but will open during non-working hours. ITD advises drivers to slow down and watch for no passing zones on freshly applied sealcoat because the rock chips can be thrown up into vehicle windshields causing damage.

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