There were 2 accidents over the last week involving Idaho work trucks. An Idaho Fish and Game Conservation officer was hit by a teenage driver on I-84 near Mountain Home on Saturday and an Idaho Department of Transportation vehicle was struck by a semi-truck on Thursday on I-86 in Bannock County.

Teen Driver Hits Idaho Fish and Game Truck Pulling a Boat

Idaho State Police are investigating a head-on-collision accident that happened Saturday at 6:24 PM west of Mountain Home:

A 19-year-old male was driving a 2007 Saturn Aura eastbound on Interstate 84. A 57-year-old male Fish and Game Conservation Officer was driving westbound on Interstate 84 in a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado towing a boat. The Saturn crossed the median and made contact head-on with the Silverado in the westbound lanes.

Both drivers were wearing seat belts but the teen driver was taken by air ambulance to the hospital. The accident blocked the lanes of the highway for more than 4 hours.

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On Thursday, the Idaho Transportation Department shared on Facebook that the night before one of their trucks had been hit by a semi on I-86. The crew was working on filling potholes with proper safety lights and signage. The semi failed to move over in time and struck the ITD truck at full highway speed. The crew was able to jump the guardrail to safety and no one was hit, but the accident is a strong reminder to all drivers to pay attention, avoid distractions, and drive for the road conditions.

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