I love to eat. In another lifetime, I am sure I am a food critic or a chef, or maybe a competitive eater. One of my favorite things to have though is ice cream. Doesn't matter the form or type. Shakes, cone, malts, sundae, I want it all. I could drink a shake or eat a sundae or scoop of ice cream every day. I don't care if it is cold outside, I love my ice cream.

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I have decided to try every shake in town that I can find. I have been busy trying different places around Twin Falls, to find my go-to place. It is kind of silly, as any place with shakes will be my go-to place, but I want to find that one place I will make a special trip to get. I have places to still try, but I have made some interesting observations so far in my quest.

Credit Jeff

Arctic Circle

The first place I stopped by was Arctic Circle. I know they are common up here, but I had never heard of Arctic Circle until arriving in Twin Falls. After dinner one night, I decided to hit the drive-thru and order a shake. I was a little confused and surprised by what I received though. I had ordered a banana shake, anticipating drinking it. I was not given a straw but given a spoon and ice cream that was too thick to drink. I am used to a shake being ice cream in drink form.

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

Now to be clear, I enjoyed my shake from there. It was very good, so much so, that I tried to go back and get another. I wouldn't call it a true shake, it was more a Blizzard or McFlurry.


I found Culvers on accident. As stated above, I wanted to go back to Arctic Circle and get another shake from them, as well as some food. Being later on a Sunday, they had closed already. I decided to turn around and discovered Culvers. It was a complete whim and am I glad I gave it a try.

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

I ordered a vanilla shake,  along with some food that was amazing and received a more traditional shake. I went back and ordered a peanut butter one as well. It was one of the most delicious shakes I have ever had. It was more on the thinner side but tasted fantastic. I am hoping to be able to get another one in the next couple of days, if not today.

Comparing The Two

It is truly hard to mess up a shake. They were both so different, that it is unfair to truly compare the two places. If you want a thicker substance and something more along the lines of ice cream, then go with Arctic Circle. If you want something a little thinner that you can drink then I would go with Culvers.

There is no wrong or right way to choose. If I wouldn't get a stomach ache, I would get both on the same day. I think the best way to go when choosing where to get a shake from between the two is simple. It comes down to two things. Which one is closer, and who has the shortest line. Wherever I can get my shake the fastest; that is where I am going that day. 

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