This was interesting timing for me to come across this discussion on Facebook last year. While I was trying to think of Christmas traditions that have either completely or mostly disappeared that I wish would make a comeback, at the top of my list was Christmas carolers going door to door and singing to spread Christmas cheer. Then today I see this comment on Facebook about Christmas carolers going to a house at night and causing a problem for the homeowner.

Should Christmas Carolers Have a Caroling Curfew in Twin Falls

The post on Facebook wasn't technically a rant, instead, the poster said they had mixed thoughts about the experience:

credit Facebook
credit Facebook

This woman was in an interesting predicament. As she stated, the carolers sounded beautiful and she appreciated the Christmas cheer, but the timing was terrible for her. I understand her perspective. When kids fall asleep after fighting it, and then something wakes them up it can seem like the end of the world. But, on the flip side, you want those carolers to keep on singing.

What Time Is Too Late For Christmas Caroling In Twin Falls

Since the carolers are out in the cold singing just to spread Christmas cheer out of the goodness of their hearts, can we ask them to have a curfew? Is it fair to tell someone who is volunteering to do something good in their spare time to only do it if it falls into our schedule of appropriateness?

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For most houses, I'd bet that carolers at 8:15 PM wouldn't be a problem. This is an issue only for houses with small children and pets. Should the carolers be asked to keep singing until the child falls back asleep?

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