Vaping is an interesting subject to bring up because I really don't know anything about it and it seems that many people who vape and don't are mislead in their knowledge of vaping and its dangers. I'll be honest, I find it amusing when I see someone vaping in a car and the 'smoke' fills the car and comes billowing out the windows at a traffic light. Definitely not a safe way to drive though. I've also never been bothered by vaping. Maybe I don't run with the right crowd or go to places that would make it an issue for me. Despite my experiences it does seem to be an issue. So much that Boise has decide to ban vaping in certain places. KTVB puts it simply in their headline 'You can't vape where you can't smoke'.

Facebook comments are pretty split in feelings and opinions of the ban. Boise has been a smoke free city since 2011 and the new ban on vaping and e-cigarettes now falls into the same category as regular smoking.

Twin Falls has recently acknowledged the dangers of vaping and offered classes to educate the community. Should Twin Falls follow suit to Boise and ban vaping in public places?

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