Vaping is an interesting and controversial substitute to cigarette smoking. It has been hailed as a safer alternative to smoking, until recently. The Center For Disease Control has issued a statement urging the public to stop vaping immediately. On Friday the CDC announced there have been around 4,550 cases of a mysterious lung disease associated with vaping in 33 different states. There have been five deaths associated with vaping also. Until they can figure out what is causing the issues, they are asking users to quit vaping. Officials seem to think the lung issues and vape related deaths are linked to vapes using THC, the chemical in marijuana which gives users the sought after high.

Vaping has been a hot topic in Idaho this year, with Boise banning vaping in all places where regular smoking is also banned. The South Central Public Health District (SCPHD) recently held a few classes to inform the public about the dangers of vaping. The FDA also announced that this isn't just an issue for adults and that nearly 3.5 million school-aged kids regularly vape. According to the SCPHD, vape still contains nicotine and harmful chemicals. The CDC and FDA seem to also be worried that the vitamin E found in many e-cigs and the THC could be the cause of the recent health issues experienced by vapers.

In our recent survey, the majority agrees that vaping should be banned in public places where traditional cigarette smoking is also banned.

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