Monday we'll start another day of school for the kids and another week of parents dressed in pajamas and dropping off their kids at school. I get it. I do it too. There are days when I get up and the entire time until it is time to leave is spent wrangling kids and making sure they are dressed proper. I leave some days with morning teeth, bed head, pajama pants and whatever shoes I could find on the way out. It's the male version of a hot mess.

I know I'm not the only one who experiences this. I've seen moms looking crazy hop out with their kids to run them to the school doors. Luckily I'm not that nice and I stay in my car so nobody can see how weird I look some mornings...or all mornings depending on who you talk to. So, I totally get why sometimes as parents we drop our kids at school not dressed our best. This isn't localized to Idaho either. CNN has a story about a school in Houston that has implemented a dress code for parents so they don't show up to school looking like a crazy person. I get that too. Schools have a dress code for the kids so why would they think it OK for parents to not adhere to some sort of rules too?

Should schools cut the parents some slack thou? Do you think a dress code for parents is fair or are the schools lucky that our kids show up with clean pants and matching shoes?


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