I can't believe this is actually an issue that is being brought up. There are those in Idaho and across the path of the solar eclipse that are worried about the safety of their pets during the eclipse.

Some concerned citizen posted on the Idaho Mountain Express their suggestion that our pets are in danger of looking at the solar eclipse and going blind or turning into crazed zombie creatures. I actually don't know what they are worried about since they don't say, but turning into a zombie creature seems just as probable as your dog caring about the eclipse. Right now my dog just cares about chasing cats and pooping on my neighbors lawn.

Is your dog interesting in staring at the sun right now? What makes you think they will be interested in looking at it when the solar eclipse happens? I'm sure your pets is super smart but unless you are hanging a doggy treat in the sky in front of the eclipse - FYI don't do that - you don't need to worry about your fluffy friend looking into the sun and going blind. I can't say anything about them turning into zombie monsters though. For more information on the unnecessary concern for pet safety during the eclipse, LiveScience has a nice article that explains it all and suggests that if you are still worried you should just buy a pair of solar glasses for your pet.

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