The Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho opens up next week for the 2022 season. If you’ve never been, discount tickets are available right now for a limited time.

Silverwood Theme Park Opens Next Week and has Awesome Rides in Idaho

I have never been to the Silverwood Theme Park, but it is a destination that I frequently debate visiting. My only reason for not going has been the distance to get there from Twin Falls. It takes more than 9 hours to get to Silverwood. In that amount of time, I can drive to Lagoon in Utah, ride roller coasters for three hours, and make it back home.

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Silverwood Theme Park Announces Opening Date for 2022 in Idaho

Opening day for the Silverwood Theme Park is April 30th, but Boulder Beach won’t open until May 28th. If you purchase tickets before April 22nd, you can save up to $22 on 1 and 2-day passes for the opening weekend. Regular ticket prices when purchased online range from $39 to $55. Even though I've never been to Silverwood, I do know that there is at least one ride there that I wouldn't be able to do. Spinning in circles and flying through the air is not good for my body, so Spin Cycle is off my list. Aftershock and Stunt Pilot, on the other hand, look like awesome rides.

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