I used to ski and snowboard a lot, but now I'm old and broken so I only go tubing. But, as winter wanes so does the time to hit the slopes and that time is closer than you may think. My family loves going up to Magic Mountain in the South Hills and we got in a final day of tubing over the weekend. While we were there we talked with the owners and they told us they only have a few more weekends of being open before they close for the season to make way for spring activities. They are still getting snow and plan to stay open as long as people keep coming up to play. They even had a really cool Special Olympics event on Saturday.

Pomerelle is also nestled in the South Hills and will likely stay open at least as long as Magic. They are also still holding fun winter events like the Kids Day Comp last weekend and the Ladies Day program has been happening on Tuesdays. As winter comes to an end they are sharing details about events on their Facebook page.

Sun Valley hasn't posted anything about a closing date but they do have winter events planned for the weekend of March 14 and 15.

To find out about open days, upcoming events, or advanced ticket sales for the 2020/2021 season at your favorite Idaho ski resort check out the links below.

The ski season isn't over but if you are wanting to hit the slopes you may only have a few weekends left before the snow melts and the lifts stop running.

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