On Saturday morning, the South Hills Middle School ski club loaded into their bus to head up to the Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Normally the ride is uneventful but Mother Nature and her wildlife critters had different plans. In the South Hills the bus came upon a mother Moose and her calf - not on the side of the road but right in front of them in the middle of the road!

Students and the ski club adviser, Mr. Ruiz, shared stories that the moose wouldn't get out of the way. When the bus moved forward, they moved forward. When they slowed down the moose slowed down! It seemed like a game to them and an added excitement to a day full of fun on the slopes. There are definitely more dangerous animals you could run into in the mountains so good thing they were in a vehicle and not outside running with something scary like a mountain lion!

We went up that afternoon with our family to go tubing at Magic Mountain (all we saw on the way up were a few deer) and the kids were still up there talking about the moose encounter.

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