TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Race cars powered solely by the sun are racing to the finish line in Twin Falls this weekend. About a dozen solar powered race cars with the 2022 American Solar Challenge are headed to Idaho, set to cross the finish line on Saturday at the Herrett Center for Arts and Sciences on the College of Southern Idaho Campus. “The finish line location is big deal. The teams finish the week-long race in a culmination of months of design, build, and qualifying trials, and celebrate the successful completion of the competition at a photo-friendly finish line featuring checkered flags, black and white stripes, pomp, fanfare, and general racing pageantry," said Herrett Director Joey Heck in a statement. As of Monday the collegiate race teams were making their way into eastern Wyoming. The race teams, all made up of college students from the United States and Canada, designed and built their racers. The teams started in Independence, Missouri and are following the Oregon Trail route. The teams are expected to get into Idaho later this week with a stop planned in Pocatello. The racers are expected to start crossing the finish line in Twin Falls at around 11:30 a.m. and throughout the day. The race cars will be on display in the parking lot for the public to see.

American Solar Challenge
American Solar Challenge
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