The winter months often provide an awe-inspiring, snowy transformation to many of southern Idaho's favorite natural landmarks. Waterfalls are a common sight in the south hills, but one specific hike that is easy to make provides an up-close and picturesque opportunity to see one of the region's lesser-celebrated sites.

Ross Falls is located in the south hills of Idaho, and is a 37-mile drive from Twin Falls. The YouTube channel Hey Arnel, which often showcases Magic Valley landmarks, featured the hike in a May 2020 upload. In the winter months, the waterfall freezes over and provides southern Idaho trekkers stunning photo opportunities.

Websites such as Only In Your State have also featured the landmark. In fact, the website named it number one in its 2016 "8 Frozen Waterfalls In Idaho That Must Be Seen To Be Believed" story.

I've traveled to the south hills for both day trips and overnight campouts, but have yet to stumble across Ross Falls. It's not the only waterfall in southern Idaho that made the top eight. Thousand Springs in Hagerman might be equally as stunning after a snowfall, but is a little bit more of an offroad adventure.

If you are a frequent visitor to the south hills and get a chance to see Ross Falls frozen over, be sure to share photographs with us. If you've never been before, you can also check out the nearby City of Rocks National Reserve, which is less than 70 miles to the east of Ross Falls.

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