Practice your best ‘Yeehaw’ because you’ll need it at the Redneck Games coming up in Southern Idaho.

1st Annual Idaho Redneck Games

The redneck games sound like they are going to be a hoot. It’s a full day on August 20th of activities, shows, and food which sounds a lot like a regular county fair. But this is nothing like a fair. The redneck games are interactive and the more you participate, the more fun you’ll have. Contests and games include watermelon eating, best mullet, community water balloon fight, redneck horseshoes, and a hubcap hurl. Participation in all the events is included with your admission price. The Redneck Games are $10 per person for adults, $5 for 6 to 17-year-old kids, and under 5 are free.

Fyre God Zor At The Redneck Games

The Redneck Games are on August 20th from 2-9 PM at the 3M Cattle Ranch near Lava Hot Springs. Along with all the fun activities, there will be performances by storytellers, magicians, and the Fyre God Zor. Based on the YouTube videos of Zor, his fire-themed show is going to be a highlight of the event.

Lava Hot Springs Redneck Games at 3M Cattle Ranch

Participation in the Redneck Games is included with your entry fee but there are additional activities at the event that will cost money, so bring extra cash. Horse rides and photos are $5 each, petting zoo, tractor rides, and face painting are $2, and the balloon twister accepts tips. The roping area and obstacle course are free while the food truck prices vary depending on what you choose.

Photo by Ali Hajian on Unsplash
Photo by Ali Hajian on Unsplash

You can pre-order tickets online or purchase them at the event.

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