One way to show your support for President Donald Trump this holiday season is to order up one of several new Christmas sweaters available on Amazon.

Idahoans voted heavily in favor for the re-election of President Donald Trump this past November. Roughly 65% of those residing in the Gem State were in favor of four more years of the present POTUS. While it may not have worked out in Trump's favor, you can still usher in the Christmas season with a sweater that lets everyone at Lowe's know you stand proud of what the 45th president of the United States was able to accomplish in his term.

Amazon has several hilarious Christmas sweaters available for express shipping, so it can arrive just in time for you to receive the official word your holiday office party is cancelled due to COVID-19. A maker called, Tipsy Elves, has produced my favorite sweater of the bunch. The "Fake Trees" sweater pays homage to Trump's furious disdain for CNN, and the double thumbs up just brings the whole acrimonious holiday vibe home.

trump 3
Amazon; Tipsy Elves

Another of my Christmas favorites is the Trump, "Great Great, Christmas, Very Special, Everyone Agrees," sweater, which is made by Wild Bobby Store. It is a fun reminder of the president's tendency to drive his thoughts home on certain matters in that echoic, austere manner, in which we all grew to love.

trump 1
Amazon; Wild Bobby

You really can't go wrong with one of these Trump sweaters. They can also be worn for years to come. I mean, who doesn't love talking politics at holiday gatherings.

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