Some of you may have seen a photo recently of a man who looks an awful lot like the actor Tom Hanks, sitting at a restaurant opposite another gentleman who may or may not have, recently measured something. Upon first glance, I thought, it can't be. Can it?

Apparently, Stevo's restaurant in Heyburn, has really good french fries. Some Idahoans are saying they have what could be the best fries in the state. So, are the fries good enough to bring the likes of mega-superstar actor, Mr. Tom Hanks, all the way from his home in Malibu? I thought I'd call to find out if this photo has any validity.

"We think, you know, judging by the voice, it was him," said Luz, an employee of Stevo's. "But we don't know."

I then asked if Luz remembered what this man ordered, which apparently was on January 2, 2020.

"A BLT, with steak fries," she said.

So, apparently Tom might know about the fries at Stevo's. I can say, after taking a look, the online menu at Stevo's is enough to make Demi Lovato drool. I've got to get in there and try some "Stevo's Supper Spuds."

Whether or not this guy was really Tom, we might never know. At least it was the staff's consesus that it very well could have been. Tom Hanks is the voice of "Woody," for crying out loud, so I'm pretty sure most of the living world over the age of 2, would recognize it.

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