Did you know there's an Idaho location to the southeast that allows visitors to plant their feet in the states of Utah and Wyoming simultaneously? It's just a 200-mile drive from Twin Falls to check this box off your Gem State itinerary.

A place that's easy to get to from Twin Falls that I haven't yet had the chance to explore is the Bear Lake area. It's just under a three-hour drive east, and offers a number of cool things to see. One of those sites is a tri-state marker that allows you to physically be in the states of Idaho, Wyoming and Utah at once.

The closest sign of civilization to the spot is the small city of Montpelier, Idaho. The location was featured in a 2019 story on the website onlyinyourstate. The drive to the actual Bear Lake County site where the three states converge is a short one, southeast of Montpelier.

Tri-state markers are something that are found throughout the United States, including the one nicknamed "Uvadaho" by locals. This marker sits where Idaho, Nevada and Utah join. A co-worker of mine has visited the site, and says it requires some off-road travel to get to.

Benito Baeza

A YouTube video from 2019 shows the roads one would take to travel to the small Idaho city of roughly 2,600 people. Although it's described as somewhat of a remote area of Idaho, there are roads that will take you to the marker, making the trip an easy travel destination to add to your summer plans.

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