When I hear the phrase "working mom", I laugh a little bit. I would laugh a lot, but my wife would probably give me that elbow that she loves to embed in my side. If you're a mom, you work your tail off already. But, if you also work another job, Idaho can be a tough place to be according to a new study.

Wallet Hub decided to gather some factors that determine what life is like for a mother who is also a part of the workforce. Child care availability and affordability are obviously a huge part of this ranking. But, professional opportunities for moms are important, too. Then, there's the infamous work/life balance that is hard for any of us to achieve.

Source: WalletHub

With all the numbers crunched, Idaho comes in at a miserable #45 among all the states for a good working mom existence. Idaho gets dinged big-time for having the worst day care system and is nearly at the bottom for female to male executive jobs.

Believe it or not, Nevada actually does worse than Idaho coming in at #49. The good news? The ladies can always seek refuge in Oregon, which is apparently a mom mecca of happiness nearly making the top 10.

Check out the full Wallet Hub findings to decide if you are a mom that needs a vacation.

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