Every state has some laws that make you scratch your head. It makes you wonder how and why something became such a problem that you had to write a law about it. I found some really stupid laws in Idaho that make absolutely zero sense and are actually pretty funny.

We have discussed the law in Pocatello that says it is illegal NOT to smile in public. That is just ridiculous and makes my cheeks hurt thinking about it.

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Snakes have been banned from biting a human on Sunday, unless it is snowing. I am not sure how you would incarcerate a snake for biting someone on a Sunday, why Sunday it isn't allowed or why snowing would make a difference, but hey, it is on the record books.

This one is a little confusing. A law was passed saying that carrying of a concealed weapon is forbidden unless some are exhibited to public view. So you can't conceal carry unless you are also carrying a visible weapon.

A lawyer is not allowed to charge a widow for moving their piano from one room to another. This is so incredibly specific I feel like there has to be a story behind it.

It is a criminal offense to ride a merry-go-round on a Sunday. Again, this whole thing being illegal on a Sunday makes me wonder. Also, why is it a criminal offense to ride a Merry-go-round at all, isn't that what they are for?

This one is less of a "dumb law" and more of a "why did it have to be said". It is illegal to cut off a friend's head with an axe. Well, duh. But does that mean I can cut off a friends head with a chainsaw and it not be murder?

It is against the law to walk down the street with a red-tipped cane. But, why?!

Parents, listen up to this one, children up to the age of 14 must have a certificate signed by their parents to testify that they regularly brush their teeth. Make sure they always have that in their backpack, never know when a teacher or friend is going to ask for teeth brushing proof.

You can't buy or sell chickens after sundown without the Sheriff's permission. But I think if you called the sheriff and asked he would be more upset you were wasting his time.

Uh oh motorcycle enthusiasts. Once you hit 88 years old you have to give up that hog, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle in Idaho if you are 88 years or older.

I will never understand why these laws are a thing.

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