I was just sitting in a meeting discussing the current landscape for Suicide in the Treasure Valley. I remember not that long ago when the Suicide Prevention Hotline was first created. This was a major deal because people that needed help didn't really have an outlet.

This hotline launched during the beginning of our child abuse prevention campaign (Live for 175) and the hotline told us calls increased during the event. Fast forward to today, troubled political climate, mass shootings, anxiety-filled society, and sadly more calls are coming. This means the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline needs help.

The scariest statistics are the ones that go unreported. Sometimes we think everything is okay and we can navigate our troubled situation by ourselves. That sounds great in theory but in all reality, it's very dangerous. How many celebrities have fallen victim to mental illness and taken their own lives? How many local people do you know or seen in a news alert that could handle their inner demons? We're all fighting something and a lot of us can manage. The part that freaks me out is how do you know when it's happening? Would I really call a hotline?


Today, the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline announced that more Idahoans are in crisis than ever before. According to KTVB, over 8,000 calls have come into the crisis center. This is a non-profit and they need help managing all these phone calls. I can't imagine needing help and getting a busy signal. I'm sure it takes enough guts and strength to just call. These people may only give it one shot and it's our responsibility to help make sure their voice is heard.

Training is beginning and they're looking for people with great communication skills, good listeners and 18 years or older. If this is you or someone you know please contact 208.398.4357. Applications are due September 8 and training begins on September 14.

This might be the first time you're hearing about a suicide prevention hotline. Pass it along to someone or use it when you need it at 1(800) 273.TALK.

You can also text (208) 398-HELP

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