I love driving but I’ll also admit that it can be frustrating. Usually, that frustration comes from having to deal with other drivers. Before you get mad at me, I guarantee you all feel the same about driving in Idaho.

What Does 'Right of Way' Really Mean On Idaho Roads?

One of the big frustrations about driving is that when there are disagreements on the road, both parties usually think the other was the one who messed up. We see it at 4-way stop intersections, driving through parking lots, and changing lanes. A big source of anger and controversy is the act of merging onto a highway. There’s a battle between who has the right of way and who should get out of the way.

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When cars are coming onto the highway it should look something like the zipper merge, but that only works in movies. The police know this is an issue and the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office just posted a helpful graphic to help us understand how to merge onto a highway in real life. Not all of you reading this are going to like what they have to say.

If you are driving up the onramp to a highway and there are cars coming down the highway, the highway cars have the right of way. You are the one who has to yield to them. This means you get up to speed or slow down a touch to get in front of or behind them.

I was driving to Pocatello last weekend and witnessed a driver who didn’t like that rule. He came out of the onramp at the same speed and location as a car that was already on the highway. He drove for quite a distance on the shoulder of the highway until the other car decided to slow down and let him in. That shouldn’t happen. You shouldn’t make other cars slow down so you can get in.

Idaho Rule For Merging Vehicles

According to Idaho State Code 49-642, merging traffic must yield to traffic on the highway. Failure to do so could get you a $90 citation and points on your driving record. Sorry, not sorry.

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