The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trial for everyone. Many people have lost jobs, businesses have been forced to close or change how they do business, and we don't really know how long these changes will last. We've seen businesses temporarily lock their doors and board up their windows while other businesses have pressed on and modified how they interact with their customers. Changes like these aren't easy for businesses or customers. Business owners still operating want their customers to know they are open while many customers are at home unaware of what is still open or available in the Magic Valley.

List list will be constantly growing and be a link to business owners, our neighbors and friends, and their customers in need of services. We hope that all businesses can come out if this as strong as when it started so look through the list and support local businesses. Big and small, these companies employ Magic Valley residents.

Help this list grow by adding your business or sharing with your favorite local business owners.

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