If you live in the Burley area and you love sushi, you may be excited to hear that a new sushi restaurant is open. If you check out their Facebook page, it looks like sushi with a twist as well. I already wish they delivered to Twin Falls.

The restaurant is called MX Sushi Rolls. As of right now they are taking orders and delivering for the weekend only. So you can call ahead, order your food and either have it delivered Friday or Saturday or go pick it up. Those are unfortunately the only options so far. There is a possibility of a brick-and-mortar location in the future.

According to their Facebook page, their rolls are inspired by Mexican culture. I can not pronounce any of the specials, but that isn't going to stop me from trying every single en of them.

I had to put the menu into a translator for English so I knew what they were. I should have taken Spanish in school. But they sound absolutely amazing.

Sinaloa Roll is shrimp, chives, and bacon. Yes please

Jalisco Roll is shrimp and bacon

Michoacan Roll is shrimp and avocado

Sonora Roll -  the translation from Google may be a little off on this one. It says meat and chili and something else. I am so down

Veracruz Roll - Shrimp and I believe Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Tampico salad

If I butchered all of these translations I do apologize. I am trying to use Google Translate. I really want to give all of it a try. Follow them on Facebook here.

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