Keep An Eye Out For These Celebrities Who LOVE Idaho
It’s easy to see why these celebs love visiting and some even living in Idaho. We have four beautiful seasons, extensive and easily accessible recreation of all types, and low key living without worry of paparazzi. So what celebrities, be it actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, etc. own a home in Idaho or just come visit on a regular basis?
Famous People From Idaho
Many famous men and women have called Idaho home. Whether they were born here, spent their childhood here, or spent their last years in this great land - these famous people prove that Idaho has more to offer than potatoes and I-15 southbound.
Celebs Real Names
This may come as a surprise to you - but sometimes celebrities don't use their real names. But I would never do that to you - my real name is Nate Bird. There is a pretty long list of stars in Hollywood though who have fooled us for years. Here are the real names of your favorite celebrities.
Celebrities Doing Gymnastics
There is no question that Reality TV is here to stay and here is some good news if you are a fan of shows like Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and the diving show Splash. There will soon be a new reality TV show that will have celebrities doing gymnastics!
Ghostly Encounters
I have seen some pretty scary things in my life - like my mother-in-law without makeup (just kidding). Since it’s almost Halloween, and nearly everyone has at least one ghost story they like to tell this time of year, I'd like to share the stories of 10 celebrities who have had ghostly encounters. Bring a flashlight because it's about to get spooky in here!
Still Alive?
There have been innumerable great artists, actors, and celebrities that have passed away before I was born. A thought I have had since I was a kid was what it would be like if all the Beatles were still alive. I mean how cool would it be to have the option of the Fab Four joining forces one more time to make amazing music! Which celebrity would you like to see alive today?
Where Would You Take A Celebrity In Twin Falls?
As humans we are dreamers. We imagine what our lives would be like if we were someone else or had more money. We even imagine what we would do with our favorite celebrities! So, what would you do? If your favorite celebrity came to Twin Falls, where would you take them and what would you do?
Learn The Real Names Of 22 Celebrities
When it comes to names, I got a good one. Nathan Bird is a great name. It is pretty hard to make sound like something silly or associate with anything other than Big Bird or Larry Bird. My older sister was not so lucky - her name is Robin Paulynn (pronounced Pollen) Bird. When the unfortunate name is bestowed upon you, you have a few choices - deal with it or change it. Many of the celebrities we
Who Is Your Celebrity Doppelganger?
Today is Celebrity Look-A-Like Day...which is basically just another way for you to say that you look so much better than Kim Kardashian...or whoever your celeb doppelganger is.