The beauty and offerings of the Gem state have been known by locals for years. Now more and more people around the US and especially the west coast are figuring it out. Many celebrities have been privy to the gem that is right here in the Northwest for decades. It’s easy to see why these celebs love visiting and some even living in Idaho. We have four beautiful seasons, extensive and easily accessible recreation of all types, and low key living without worry of paparazzi. So what celebrities, be it actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, etc. own a home in Idaho or just come visit on a regular basis?

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According to The Mike Brown Group, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a home in Ketchum. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore used to live in Hailey, and their children went to school in Idaho. Actor Aaron Paul is from Idaho and still resides in Idaho with his family. NFL players Matt Paradis and A.J. Feeley call the Gem State home. And world and Olympic champion skier Picabo Street is from Triumph. Sun Valley has vacation homes for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood. Other regular visitors to the area is Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Richard Dreyfuss.

Matt Damon is a big fan of Boise and over the years has visited and been seen by locals many, many times including when he hosed a movie premier at the Village Cinema in Meridian for the Jason Bourne franchise. Pierce Brosnan and Christopher Walken have both filmed movies in Idaho in the 80s but still come visit the gem state.

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