De-Clutter Your House With One Easy Step
Christmas was over two months ago - but the reminder is there everyday. New toys on the floor and maybe even some boxes and decoration still adorn your house. Well, it's March so clean it up! Spring cleaning is an often dreaded, and understandably so, yearly activity in most houses. It is also …
The Best Spring Cleaning Tool
We have had a few nice days of weather and most of those days for me were spent outside cleaning up the yard and garage! When we moved into our house we realized that we had a lot of junk! So this year we have been doing some hoarders style cleaning
Clutter Cleaning In 5 Minutes
It happens to the best of us...we get a bit overwhelmed or forget to put something away and then all of a sudden its like a tornado went through the house!  There is hope - and it doesn't take much to get into a routine of cleaning up.