Christmas was over two months ago - but the reminder is there everyday. New toys on the floor and maybe even some boxes and decoration still adorn your house. Well, it's March so clean it up! Spring cleaning is an often dreaded, and understandably so, yearly activity in most houses. It is also a great way to de-clutter and maybe make a little money if you are ambitious.

Here is an interesting idea to clean up your house. All you have to do is get rid of 10 items every day. You can throw them away, sell them, give them away, or burn them in a backyard bonfire. As long as you get rid of 10 things each day, you'll have 3,650 less things in your house at the end of a year. That's pretty impressive. And even if you only get rid of one thing each day - that is still 365 thing that aren't in your house anymore. If your junk is someone's treasure then you could even make a little money this year. Good luck with the spring cleaning. Just don't go too extreme...if you don't have that much junk, don't give away the couch just to get rid of that 10th item if it the only couch you have.

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