Should Energy Drinks Be Banned From Teens?
Energy drinks are everywhere, especially at High Schools. I know several high school students that drink 2 or 3 energy drinks EVERY day. I'm defiantly not against caffeine. I'm almost positive I wouldn't survive without my morning coffee and my afternoon soda. I've tried energy drinks as a substitute for coffee and my stomach hurt, I started sweating and when the caffeine rush was gone I was extre
At The Movies – Would You Rather Share A Soda Or Popcorn [POLL]
Before you head out to see a movie this weekend, think about this. I went to the movies last week with some friends to see The Hobbit - which was a great movie by the way. I bought some candy but not popcorn. My friend bought a giant popcorn and during the movie offered me the bucket to take some...and I did. Maybe I shouldn't have...