The Story Behind Idaho’s Only Billionaire
Growing up in a poor farming household to Idaho's only billionaire this entrepreneur has a true rags to riches story. For the next 10 years after graduation Frank VanderSloot worked in sales and marketing at Automatic Data Processing. He then became Regional Vice President at Cox Communications. 1985 was his big year and the one that started his fortune.
Poorest and Richest Cities in Idaho
The great economical divide. Idaho is home to many rich people and plenty of people who are barely getting by. These two cities have been deemed the richest and the poorest in Idaho.
How Rich Are The Rich In Idaho? Answer: Rich
Rich is a relative term. A rich person probably doesn't think they're rich. They just think they're a person. How rich are the rich in Idaho compared to the rest of the country? Big surprise. They're rich, but not as rich as other states.
Would You Still Work?
I'm not gonna lie - I would love to have a ton of money. I don't know if it would make me happier or a better person, but I'd be willing to find out. I do know that if I were rich I would still work - I love my job and I need to be busy or I'd end up like a cat - just eating, napping, and getting fat.