That may seem weird - how can you be rich but not have a lot of money? According to the GoBankingRates website, in Idaho you could be considered rich if you have just $86,701. That may not seem like a lot of money especially compared to other states, and that is actually the point. Compared to other states, you can live cheaper in Idaho so you don't need a ton of money to be 'rich'.

It gets even better. We aren't just among the top states - we are #4! There are only three other states that have a lower 'rich' threshold. Now to the sad part - I'm pretty sure that despite the low level of money needed to be considered rich, most of us are still nowhere near that amount of money collecting dust in our bank accounts.

That's OK though, we can just step outside or go on a day trip anywhere in Idaho and feel like the richest people in the world...or we can buy lottery tickets and hope.

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