The 10 Scariest PG Movies For Kids
Most parents keep a pretty good eye on what movies their kids watch. Usually it is for the benefit of the child...but sometimes it is to keep nightmares to a minimum and let mom and dad sleep better at night. Picking a show for kids isn't as easy as looking at the rating and going from there. There are plenty of movies that will scare the pants off children, and here are the top 10 scariest PG mov
Best Halloween Movies
Since we have to wait until October 31st for Halloween and Trick Or Treat On Bish's Street, over the weekend we finally decided to try to get into the Halloween spirit by having a party, carving pumpkins, and watching a scary movie.
Popular Halloween Costumes
Halloween is a headache for some people and pure excitement and fun for others! You get to decorate you house, buy candy, plan a party (or plan to attend one), and figure out a costume...which in my case is the hardest part.
Creepiest Mask Ever
OK - so Halloween is right around the corner and lots of people are looking for masks and costumes. Well, I just ran across the creepiest mask ever made! It isn't just creepy looking it is creepy because it isn't a Halloween costume!
Men Spend 3 Years Of Their Life On The Toilet Plus 5 Other Odd Toilet Facts
The toilet. Where do I start with this one. Some people call it the porcelain throne but the majority of comments are not so positive. Yet we all use it and apparently we use it a lot! A new study from BuzzFeed found that the average man will spend 3 years of his life on the toilet. That seems like a very long time but when I think of the times I have fallen asleep on the throne it does seem to ma