Since we have to wait until October 31st for Halloween, over the weekend we finally decided to try to get into the Halloween spirit by having a party, carving pumpkins, and watching a scary movie.

Then we 'remembered' that we have kids so the movie couldn't be too of course we ended up watching Frozen! After the kids went to bed though, I still wanted to watch a scary movie - so I went searching for The Burbs. The Burbs was one of my favorite "B" movies from back in the day, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I went with my second choice and watched Beetlejuice, and it is still as awesome as it was in the 90s!

What Are the Best Halloween Movies?

During all of this, my wife and I were going through the list of Halloween/scary shows that - to us - are worth watching. Here is what we came up with along with links to the trailers - Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, The Burbs, White Noise, Signs, The Grudge, Monster House, and Gremlins (which is also on our favorite Christmas list). We've been told this year that we need to watch a movie called No One Will Save You. Have you seen it and is it worth it? We were told to watch it by friends who forced us to watch Vivarium and that movie was terrible so we lost a little trust in their opinion.

I am sure that we missed quite a few since there are hundreds of them, so feel free to add to the list by commenting below or sending us a message through the app.

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