BSU Games Color Scheme
BSU Bronco football season is here! I've only been to one home game and when I went I didn't know about the color scheme dress code they do at home games.
Tips and Tricks For the Fair
The Twin Falls County Fair is an event that we all look forward to every year. There are endless things to see, do and eat. But, the fair can be scary if your child gets lost or and not fun if you waste your time and money. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your fun at The Twin Falls County Fair.
Jerome County Fair Schedule
The Jerome County Fair started over the weekend. The Jerome Fair is packed full of activities and fun for the entire family. Check out the complete list of events happening at the Jerome Fair this week.
Library Book Mobile
The library is and always will be a great resource for families. You can get books, movies, music, and audio books. This summer it gets even better! With the Twin Falls Library Bookmobile you can check out items without going to the library. The Bookmobile is a mobile library making multiple stops throughout the summer at different locations.
Is It OK To Skip Historic Or Scenic Sites On Vacation [POLL]
For our 10th anniversary my wife and I went back to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. When we went 10 years ago for our honeymoon we tried to cram in every site and sound of the island. This time we just went and did a few hikes, slept on the beach, and played in the water. There have been a few people who seem upset that we went and didn't visit Pearl Harbor, The Polynesian Cultural Center, or snorkel