The library is and always will be a great resource for families. You can get books, movies, music, and audio books. This summer it gets even better! With the Twin Falls Library Bookmobile you can check out items without going to the library. The Bookmobile is a mobile library making multiple stops throughout the summer at different locations.

This is especially exciting (I think) for families with small children. One of the hardest parts of going to the library is trying to keep your kids quiet as you chase them through the aisles of books. The Bookmobile eliminates that headache! You can show up to the park or store or wherever they are at and you don't have to whisper.

The Summer Reading Program is also starting. This is a great way to give you and your kids incentive to read this summer! You get prizes the more you read!

A small list of dates and locations is below and you can get the full schedule at the Twin Falls Library website.







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