Worst Birthday Ever
Growing up is hard. You are always getting older and it just makes it worse when your birthday gets ruined. It has happened to almost all of us - somebody forgot your birthday, they didn't show up to your party, you didn't get the presents you wanted, somebody used those stupid candles that you can't blow out...there are so many ways to ruin a birthday. What's your 'worst birthday ever' story? Rea
Broken Hearts and Laws
Valentine's Day is a day of love and romance and people doing crazy stuff to show how much they care about their partner. A lot of the time the day includes surprises because that makes more sense than planning the day together and relieving a ton of stress! But, sometimes you have to make it a surprise and this guys Valentine's Day surprise was better than yours. It was also probably a lot more i
Surprise Quadruplets!
I think being pregnant is exciting (well...I haven't been pregnant but I have 4 kids)! There is always a bit of uncertainty about gender, health, what kind of personality the baby will have, and also how many babies are hiding in there! That was the case last week for a mother delivering triplets when the doctor said 'more feet'!
Valentine's Gifts
Aren't you super excited for Friday!? It's Valentine's Day! Yeah, me neither. It seems like a day to set yourself up for failure. We decided long ago in my house that if we were planning anything for Valentine's to not make it a surprise so there wouldn't be any unnecessary expectations or tears when the expectations weren't met. Do you do something similar or is your Valentine's Day gift a surpri
Internet Ruins Christmas
Christmas is coming at us, and it is coming quick! I haven’t even thought about my Halloween costume yet but I have thought about Christmas presents, and in searching for gifts I realized something. Online shopping may ruin your surprise Christmas Gifts! I went online to Amazon to look for a new car stereo for my wife and almost immediately the ads on the side of the screen started showing car ste