Valentine's Day is a day of love and romance and people doing crazy stuff to show how much they care about their partner. A lot of the time the day includes surprises because that makes more sense than planning the day together and relieving a ton of stress! But, sometimes you have to make it a surprise and this guys Valentine's Day surprise was better than yours. It was also probably a lot more illegal.

Joseph was in jail for stealing a car - but the real crime was that his girlfriend had stolen his heart (a void his cell mate Bubbah could probably not fill) and it was just too hard being in the slammer without her. Police say that on Valentine's Day Joseph scaled a 12-foot fence, crawled through razor wire, climbed over another fence, and then walked 10 miles to the Gallopin' Goose Saloon & Grill so he could have dinner with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately the police aren't fans of true love and were searching for him.They showed up a few minutes after his girlfriend got there. True romantics just can't catch a break because he'll be in jail even longer now because of the whole breaking out of jail for love charge.

My day was much more law abiding - except for the time I rolled through a 'Stop' sign without coming to a complete stop on the way to our friends house to play board games and eat a ton of food.

Is this guy crazy or would you break out of jail for your Valentine too?

Via Gawker

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