There are days when we feel like we want to go on an adventure. Some of those days we actual get up and leave the house to go on said adventure. There are other days, and probably more of them, where the desire doesn't match the motivation and the most exciting thing we do is pop a bag of popcorn.

On those days, where the motivations is low or the weather is too smoky to go outdoors, you can still get a feel for being adventurous thanks to the power of technology and YouTube. There is actually a YouTube channel dedicated to videos you can use while on your treadmill at home to make it feel like you are somewhere more exciting.

City Walks YouTube Channel

The City Walks YouTube channel is tagged as 'Treadmill walking videos from around the world'. You can choose exotic locations, beaches, mountains, and downtown Twin Falls. That seems like an odd addition to the more vacation sounding locations, but on the channel you can choose Scotland or Twin Falls. If you're an avid treadmill walker, you could be in Budapest one day, a California beach the next day, and then walking the Canyon Rim in Twin after that. Check out some of the videos at the bottom of this story.

The videos range in time from around 20 minutes to an hour, so if you need to treadmill for an hour you could visit two locations in one day if you go for a shorter video.

City Walk videos aren't for everyone though. My wife loves her treadmill and elliptical time because that's when she puts in the headphones and watches her trashy TV shows.

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Downtown Twin Falls

Canyon Rim Trail

BSU Campus


Swiss Alps

Zions National Park

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