An Idaho market and fueling station is once again celebrating the holiday season by giving away 2,000 gallons of gasoline at each of their locations before Thanksgiving Day. The "Tanks Giving" event was started last year, and will award lucky customers more than 100 free tanks of gas per location.

The holidays can be tight for many. With most people trying to save money for gifts and travel, it's nice to see some companies trying to make life a little easier on us. For the second year in a row, Good To Go stores in the northwestern United States are hosting an event called "Tanks Giving." The chain is headquartered in Idaho Falls.

Between November 16 and November 22, Idahoans visiting one of their many store locations in southeast Idaho can nominate people to receive free gas, according to details shared by Hundreds of customers in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado will score a free tank of gas in the next couple of weeks. Good To Go has more than 70 locations in the west.

Idaho gas prices topped $3.50 per gallon this past summer for the first time in seven years. Current fuel costs per gallon have been closer to $4.00 in recent weeks. Good To Go stores will no doubt be attracting many motorists in another week for this anticipated giveaway.

The majority of state stores are located near Idaho Falls, which is 150 miles northeast of Twin Falls. Good luck with scoring your free gas in the coming days.

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