Traffic lights are a necessary bump in our otherwise perfectly flowing lives. But on the days when our lives are running less than smooth, these lights can become our worst enemy. There are also a few that are just the worst no matter what kind of day you are having. It really does seem that some days the lights are not in your favor and you hit them all red and at their longest interval ever. These are the six worst ones we all have to deal with and at which are united in our hatred. And yes, it was hard to not just list every light on Blue Lakes, but the argument could be made. Is it a coincidence that many of these are also the ones where red lights are run most often?

Most Hated Twin Falls Intersections

I just realized that even though I tried to pick intersections from all around town, the list is basically telling us that any street intersection with Shoshone, Poleline, Washington, and Blue Lakes are the worst.

I'm not one to say that we need more traffic lights, but I acknowledge their benefit. The new-ish light and speed limit change at the Blue Lakes and Orchard intersection has been an amazing safety change on the south side of town. The city also realizes that sometimes a stop-sign is a better idea than a traffic light, as they did with the 2nd Ave W and Fairfield intersection.

Bad Parking February 2020

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