I really love the holidays when the family gets together to talk, eat a lot, and play games. In my family, it never fails that someone will start a giant puzzle that will take days to complete and then someone else will start a board game that will also take forever. Normally that game is Monopoly, but so far this year we have been playing Phase 10 a lot. Still a long game but not quite the marathon that Monopoly is. It would be cool if we had Twin Falls Monopoly to have out of town guests play. Here are a few of my other favorite games to play when you need to burn some time and entertain guests, including links to buy them. As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.

Monopoly Gamer - I love the original Monopoly, but people don't always want to dedicate 3 hours to playing so Monopoly Gamer is a fun and much more quick way to play. 

Card Games - You can't really go wrong if you have a deck or two of cards to play Speed, Crazy 6, War, or Solitaire. 

Smart A** - The only thing I don't like about this game is the name (ours has asterisk instead of the actual letters) so in my house, we call it Smart Donkey. This one is cool for a few reasons: you can show off your useless information knowledge, and you don't even have to play the game. We'll sometimes just sit around and read cards without keeping score. 

Phase 10 or Skip-Bo - Both of these games are pretty good to play when you have a group of people because rounds are pretty quick and you can add in new players whenever you want. 

Clue - Classic. I've been beaten by my children in this game more times than I have won, but it is still a fun game. 

Rummikub - This is my mom's favorite game. If she visits - we play Rummikub. 

Sequence - Not a lot of people know about Sequence but it can be played by pretty much any age and you can play in teams if you want. There is even a kids version that uses animals instead of car numbers for younger groups. 

Uno - You can't call it celebrating the holidays if you don't play a form of Uno. Just remember to establish house rules or real rules before you play. 

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