If you have ever played a board game with friends you know that you have to discuss before you start what kind of rules you'll be using. For example: when playing Monopoly will the money from taxes become the Free Parking winnings or the actual rules where you get nothing? Those rules that vary from family to family are called 'house rules' and are basically showing that a family never read the rules, didn't understand them, or got bored with the regular rules and decided to switch the game up for future enjoyment. UNO has just dropped a gameplay bombshell about stacking cards. Turns out, you can't.

I think in their Twitter post they meant to clear up any confusion but instead left me with a few questions.

  1. Who was trying to stack Draw 2 on a Draw 4? I've never heard of that.
  2. Can I still stack like cards on each other: Draw 4 on a Draw 4 or +2 on a +2 as long as they are the same?

Luckily I wasn't the only one concerned and confused by the Twitter post. UNO responded to one reply asking about stacking like cards and  simply said 'No.'

I say that UNO doesn't know how to play UNO and I'm sticking to my house rules. In my game playing experience though, there isn't a game with more house rules than UNO. In my house, we have a few versions including Root Beer UNO (you lose a round, you drink a glass of soda), Match UNO (you can match cards even if it isn't your turn), and Speed UNO (just like Match UNO but your match skips everyone before you). Now, speaking of house rules, here are a few that we heard people play at the radio station:

  • If you can't play then you have to draw cards until you can play.
  • If you can't play you draw one card - if you can then play you put it down, otherwise it is the next persons turn.
  • If you are given a +2, you draw your two cards and then are able to play your turn as usual, instead of the drawing two cards being your turn.
  • Any player can match a card out of turn as long as it is the exact card previously played. A yellow 2 can only go on a yellow 2 as a match. In some cases this skips other players.
  • When a player uses a Wild card that is their turn and the next person gets to pick the color. This has to be the most weird of the house rules ever.
  • Any non-number card can be played to counter another non-number card. If a +2 is played and I have a skip that I play it will move the draw two to the next player. A reverse card sends it back to the person who played the draw card. This rule actually seems kind of cool.
  • If you play a Skip card you get to choose who to skip, it doesn't have to be the next player.
  • If a Wild card is played then another Wild can't be played until the game has gone a full round.

What weird, yet normal to you, rules do you have for UNO?

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